Sheila Cain

Freelance writer and editor

Seattle, Washington

Sheila Cain

Seattle-based technical and creative writer


How a friendship changed the way Washington treats addiction

Doctors said her best friend would die. Lauren Davis wasn’t buying it. A remarkable story ensued.
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Foodie Souvenirs: Seattle

Every great vacation deserves an equally amazing souvenir as a token of memories made.
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Innovation Lives Here

At the WAC, great ideas only become reality with hard work and a certain amount of risk.
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The man who once chased the far-right out of the GOP

Evans had sent the letter to his father when he was a Navy lieutenant stationed on a destroyer during the Korean War.
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She left Microsoft to change a white-dominated industry

The lack of diversity Trish Millines Dziko encountered in tech jobs pushed her to take matters into her own hands.
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For young people on the streets, Cocoon House provides a refuge

When Lux Howard came out to his mother seven years ago, his mother laughed in his face. Only 14 at the time and living in Upstate New York, Howard didn’t have the life skills or language to adequately communicate what he was experiencing: discomfort in a female body, an attraction to boys and girls, and a general disconnect with his peers.
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'Where Should I Keep My...?': Solving Small Space Dilemmas

Squeeze every last bit of storage space out of your dwelling, no matter its size. When you’re renting, square footage is something to be savored, not squandered. It’s hard enough finding a home for your everyday must-haves, let alone bulky, infrequently used, or offseason items like snowshoes, pool toys, and holiday decorations.
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Once undocumented, he now gives entrepreneurs a chance at success

Yarce’s first “international business” was a modest one: He asked his mother, back in Mexico, to send him $250 worth of bracelets, necklaces and earrings from the family jewelry-making business so he could set up a stall at the Fremont Sunday Market.
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Tim Burgess believes the children are our future

The former City Council member's legacy may be paving Seattle's path toward universal preschool.
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How a young basketball star fell to addiction, and rebounded

Leigh Swanson’s college basketball statistics read like those of an NBA player. As a celebrated member of the Seattle University men’s basketball team, the six-foot, eight-inch-tall forward appeared in 20 games his 2008-2009 senior season, shooting a stellar 90.9 percent from the free throw line on 22 attempts.
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24 Reasons We Love Seattle Right Now

The days may be darker and wetter this time of year, but there's no shortage of fantastic ways to spend them. Whether your idea of a perfect winter activity is getting out to revel in the chill or holing up someplace warm, you're bound to find something you'll love in our list of hidden gems and perennial favorites.
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Portland Party Raises Funds for LGBT Causes

Few heads turned when Judge Kemp walked into a Office Depot store in Portland, Oregon, one Saturday evening in May 2015 wearing 3-and-a-half-inch goth rocker boots and an above-the-knee, off-theshoulder little red dress. Kemp grabbed what he needed—some last-minute lanyards—and hurried back to The Old Freeman Factory to kick off one of Portland’s most anticipated and colorful charity events of the year: the Red Dress Party.
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Sheila Cain

I am a Seattle-based corporate and creative writer providing all types of written material for the business world. Services range from technical and feature writing to press releases and proof reading. I have more than 25 years of experience working as a newspaper reporter, magazine editor and freelance writer.

With more than seven years as the editor-in-chief of a construction trade magazine, I am well versed in the technical applications and industry-specific language associated with the architecture, engineering and construction communities.

I also have extensive experience in the technology and feature writing realm. I have written dozens of sponsored content stories as well as lifestyle pieces for a variety of local and national publications.