Sheila Cain

Writer and editor

Seattle, Washington

Sheila Cain

Seattle-based technical and creative writer


4 Ways to (Maybe) Connect With Teens During the Pandemic

If you had told me a month ago that my son would show even the slightest bit of interest in participating in an all-hands housecleaning effort, I wouldn’t have believed you.
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This Is the Spring Produce You’ve Been Waiting For

The beauty of living in a global marketplace is the fact that we can walk into nearly any grocery store and buy whatever fruit or vegetable we want, regardless of time of year. Looking for zucchini in April? Growers in Mexico are happy to stock our shelves. Missing those juicy Honey Crisp apples picked from eastern Washington trees last fall?
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These ARE Your Grandmother’s Beauty Products

Ask any nutritionist and they’ll tell you whole, unprocessed ingredients are the building blocks of a healthy recipe.
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5 Things You Never Knew You Could Do At the Library

A Gallup poll recently counted visiting the library as the most common cultural activity Americans engage in–by far.
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Putting Pen to Paper Makes Communications More Meaningful

Taking the time to put thoughts on paper imparts sentiment in a way electronic messages simply cannot.
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How to Make the Christmas Season Happier

Not everyone is cheered by the glitter of tinsel and the glow of holiday lights.
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Rex Hohlbein: Helping Seattle’s poorest rebuild

Rex Hohlbein had been designing high-end homes for two decades when the architect moved his offices to Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood.
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5 Fall Apples You’ve Never Heard Of

Used to be, apple aficionados had few choices if they were looking for ways to keep the doctor away.
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For young people on the streets, Cocoon House provides a refuge

When Lux Howard came out to his mother seven years ago, his mother laughed in his face. Only 14 at the time and living in Upstate New York, Howard didn’t have the life skills or language to adequately communicate what he was experiencing: discomfort in a female body, an attraction to boys and girls, and a general disconnect with his peers.
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Foodie Souvenirs: Seattle

Every great vacation deserves an equally amazing souvenir as a token of memories made.
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Making the Most of Your Green Tomato Harvest

Timing is everything when planting tomatoes – especially here in the Pacific Northwest.
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Supreme Court Justice Mary Yu leads the way by putting others first

Growing up in a working-class family on the south side of Chicago, Mary Yu never expected to go to college.
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Sheila Cain

I am a Seattle-based corporate and creative writer providing all types of written material for the business world. Services range from technical and feature writing to press releases and proof reading. I have more than 25 years of experience working as a newspaper reporter, magazine editor and freelance writer.

With more than seven years as the editor-in-chief of a construction trade magazine, I am well versed in the technical applications and industry-specific language associated with the architecture, engineering and construction communities.

I also have extensive experience in the technology and feature writing realm. I have written dozens of sponsored content stories as well as lifestyle pieces for a variety of local and national publications.